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مصنع غربال للبلاستيك

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مصنع غربال للبلاستيك

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Ghrbal Plastics Offers services for plastic and plastic manufacturing sectors of the local business in all areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and outside.

We deal every day with the plastic material of the local community, where we collect these materials from factories and businesses and then we process and re- manufactured carefully and keen to get rid of all of the remaining ones. At each stage, will be our first concern is the safety of our customers, our staff, society and the environment.

Our company is considered of key suppliers for all types of recycled plastic materials (crude) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Asian and European markets. We are one of the pioneers who dealt commercially re- industrialization in the Middle East and maintain our quality and our service quality. And operates a sieve for Plastic Industries in all kinds of plastic including: polyethylene and polypropylene, styrene polymers such as nylon engineering and polycarbonate.

We have our experience in 2006 and have managed a team of more than eight years of experience in this field. And this experience has helped us to evolve quickly to be one of the suppliers for main plastic materials (crude) in Saudi Arabia and now form a key pillar in the Middle East and the world.

Pay attention lately to the world the importance of the plastics industry and recycling

It was our experience and expertise in this area and that we were in the lead.

Moving our policies toward big business in polymers since 2006, and is secured more than 75% of its products by a long-term supply contracts with leading suppliers in the Middle East.

The most important of our principles to maintain the state of manufacturing and the supply so that it is the primary beneficiary is the customer through a balance between quality and price and savings by reducing waste in manufacturing.